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FG 002

FG 002
FG 002 FG 002 FG 002
Product Code: FG 002
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Your offsite could have never been more funfilled! Avail this special high-energy package and let your employees freak out with interactive games that are totally fresh! 

Sample Activities:

Tidal Wave

Bucket of water at one end of the team line, and a bottle at the other end. The objective is to fill the bottle with water, by passing water from one end to the other, only using their hands, partner to partner. The team that fills up fastest will be the winning team

Wool Wrap n sue

Each team is given a bundle of wool. They form a line one beside the other. The idea is, the bundle of wool will be passed from one end to the other. The guys will have to pass the wool from one sleeve, bring it out of the other sleeve and the girls in the team will have to wrap it around their waist. The team finishing first will win.

Spider web: Each team is given a bundle of wool. The team needs to create a complex web using it in such a way that, every player from the team is clustered around and the web surrounds each person and passes through them as well. Once this is done, the trainer asks them to come out of it quickly. The team that comes out slowest will be the winner (depicts the complexity). But this will not be announced as it is the twist in the game.

Strongest chain

Legs of people will be tied together and will have to cross an entire stretch and come back. The team doing this fastest will be the winning team.

Passing the person / Tunnel relay:
This is a fun activity where each team is provided with a plastic ball. The idea is to create a human tunnel with their legs open in sync (stand at ease position) and pass the ball underneath the tunnel, One person at a time. This is a High-energy activity.

Human machine: Teams will have to come up with an innovative machine and enact it together as a team with activity props provided by us. This is a total fun combined with creativity activity.

Superman: Each team is provided with balloons and one guy is nominated. The objective is for the people to blow up as many balloons and stuff the volunteer with balloons, after which he is made to walk the ramp. The most inflated person will eventually be the winner along with his team gaining points.

Backlash relay: Team members are made to stand in pairs with their backs together and hands locked. One pair at a time run an entire distance and come back in this manner and the next pair follows. This continues till all pairs (14-16 pairs) are completed. The team finishing all pairs first, will be the winning team.

Tribal wars: Each team is provided with newspapers and one lady is nominated to be the tribal woman from the team. Team members dress their respective tribal lady in the wackiest tribal attire and the ladies are made to walk the ramp, talk in their tribal language etc. This is an out and out fun activity!

Master of Ceremonies MC will engage the employees for fun-filled activities
Helper 2 Nos, to help the MC and keep the score of the teams
Activity Props As required.
Transportation As required

Party on the block!

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